It is a story of a beautiful houseful with a pure heart who never knew what life has in store for her.  she was living her life normally and enjoying it by having two beautiful daughters and one son and a loving husband. As she is a lady with inspiration and resolution, she never surrendered. Rather than tossing her hands in the problems noticeable all around, she confronted each issue without withdrawing a solitary advance with firm coarseness and assurance. She entered the male-ruled corporate world with her unflinching methodology of getting things done in support of herself in the midst of the most troublesome conditions.



Pathways Of Tough Times

Her struggles and those experiences are excellent and offer an easy, result-driven, and proven system to stop fire fighting and reconstruction and growth in the middle of hopeless situations and financial crisis of corporates and entrepreneurs.

Her Golden Words,  of her life alone, she has inspired many people also.

Shaakh Se Jo Toot Jaye Hum Vo Pattiyan Nahi…

Toofano Se Kehdo Ki Vo Apni Aukaat Mein Rahe”. Beating all the ‘toofans’

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